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loved healing whole

Discover the Journey Within

Embrace Your Healing

Uncover the tools to heal from past wounds, finding strength in your journey.

Flexibility and Growth

Learn adaptable insights, guiding you to grow and transform at your own pace.

Principles for Wholeness

Equip yourself with 14 practical tools to empower your own personal growth.

Do you ever wonder…

Can my heart’s wounds
be healed?

  • Will you ever be whole?
  • Are you worth loving?
  • Can you be free from your past?
  • How can you truly love others?

You don’t have to travel alone. Loved, Healing, Whole is here to help.

  • “Intensely personal, yet wholly relatable…

    “It is a vivid story of trauma, recovery and healing. Jodi highlights the creative pathways God gave her to not only survive, but to thrive and become a stable person. These insights will be helpful to those working through traumatic wounding or for anyone trying to sort out the messiness of life.”
    Rev. Ken Polsley
    Former missionary, pastor, teacher, and speaker for Christian Healing Ministries

    What to Expect

    Overcome Challenges

    Loved, Healing, Whole is a guide that offers hope and inspiration to anyone navigating their own challenges.

    Get Actionable Tools

    Unlock the 14 practical tools meticulously designed to empower your personal growth. Tailor them to your unique needs.

    Design Your Journey

    Craft a personalized plan to align with your life’s purpose. Embrace love, healing, and the inherent worthiness within.
    Trans Alps Adventure
    • “Jodi puts courage in your heart…

      “What I love about Loved, Healing, Whole is that Jodi Marie speaks in such a way that it puts courage in your heart and causes you to believe you can truly change as you put these tools into practice. Her conversational style draws the reader in and takes them on a journey of becoming. I highly recommend this book!”
      Teresa Carey
      Wife and mother of three

      About The Author

      In “Loved, Healing, Whole,” Jodi Marie fearlessly bares her soul and takes readers on a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and the transformative power of love. From her battles with addiction and domestic violence to the quest for spiritual enlightenment, Jodi’s story resonates with those who have faced adversity and sought a sense of belonging. Through heartfelt narratives and poignant reflections, she unveils the pivotal moments of divine intervention and personal responsibility that led her to a path of healing and self-acceptance.
      “Loved, Healing, Whole” is a guide that offers hope and inspiration to anyone navigating their own challenges. With unwavering courage and compassion, Jodi reminds us that amidst the darkest moments, we are never alone and that within us lies the potential for transformation, forgiveness, and the realization that we are loved right where we are.

      loved healing whole

      Grab-n-Go Cards

      Our Grab-n-Go cards are designed to be your trusted companions, ready to assist you when life puts your back against the wall. Sometimes, even when we know these principles by heart, we forget to apply them. I created these cards not just for you but for myself too.
      To order a set, please allow some time for shipping and handling. These cards are crafted with love and care, not only from my heart but also from my home.
      $15.00 $7.00
      per set of 14 cards
      Including shipping within the continental U.S. If you require shipping outside of the continental U.S., please reach out to me directly.